Financing A Secure Retirement: It All Ads Up

Financing A Secure Retirement: It All Ads Up

February 7, 2022

Don’t let financial uncertainty cloud your sunny retirement outlook. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to in retirement–and how you can attain them. 

Whether it’s leaving the workforce, dealing with health and medical needs or a general unknowingness, feeling apprehensive about retirement is completely normal.

Here at Blue Hills Village, we love sharing the many holistic benefits of retirement living communities. In fact, our wonderful residents do most of the talking these days–sharing their own experience with others on a similar path.

Joining the ranks of these happy retirees won’t take decades of unrealistic sacrifices, unfair advantages, or stockbroker social circles. Cultivating an informed, practical mindset of your financial future will maximise every opportunity in your retirement. No matter your circumstances, strategies that invest in your future will ultimately reward you at a stage of life when it is most beneficial.

Home truths

With Australia’s high rate of home ownership, many retirees want to ‘age in place’. A joint study by RMIT University and Heartland Seniors Finance in 2021 revealed that almost 90 per cent of senior Australians wish to continue living in their own homes. However, limited superannuation coupled with the rising cost of living can quickly derail those plans. And while a reverse mortgage can allow seniors to remain at home, planning ahead can be difficult. Just imagine a surprise major home renovation or supporting a family member between employment or a personal crisis. The strong financial foundation you’ve built in retirement might not hold for as long as you thought.

Certainty for a lifetime

Life in a retirement community like Blue Hills Village unlocks a multitude of benefits for seniors. From looking after your health and social needs, to staying active in a supportive and community-first setting.

But in financial terms, a set monthly fee without ongoing expenses like home maintenance or landscaping grants you a peace of mind that retirees who remain at home simply can’t enjoy. Purchasing a gorgeous 1, 2 or 3-bedroom villa at Blue Hills Village (with zero stamp duty) is your ticket to the stress-free, financially fit retirement that you deserve.

It takes a village…

The choice to live in a residential community can help take back control of your finances in retirement. Although this transition is usually coined as ‘downsizing’, the reality points upwards, generating positive–not negative–financial benefits. Make no mistake–selling the family home can be an emotional Everest. But stay focused on unlocking that equity in your home. After a lifetime of work, it’s yours to enjoy! Why not use it to strengthen the bottom line of your retirement finances.


The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors. Please consult your own legal or financial advisors before making any decisions.